Do not direct link. I pay for my hosting you can find your own.
Don't adopt anything with a do not adopt tag on it. 99% of my doll galleries are completely adoptable, except my self-portraits and my gifts. On my character dolls (The pen and the sword pages) they're all adoptable, I just want to know where they're going. They're my original story characters and very close to my heart.
Don't take bits and peices of my dolls to make your own. I've worked very hard to get where I am, and the best way to get better is to go through all the sucking that comes first.
If you adopt a doll, link back to the unforgiven ( preferably on the same page, and feel free to tag me or e-mail me if you do, I like seeing my dolls' new homes.
If you use one of my dolls as a signature, link back to me in the signature.
Nothing on the special pages is for adoption. They're gifts to and from friends and that's just kind of tacky.
I take requests, little known fact, but I do, all it takes is asking and I probably will take the request.
PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO MY SECOND INDEX PAGE!!!! THIS IS A SERIOUS PET PEEVE OF MINE!!! Link to my splash page!!! That's what it's there for!!! I love links, a lot, however, please link to not to or any other page. The splash page url will not change. The interior of the site can change from layout to layout, all it takes is one difference in naming to break the link. Please, if you appreciate my site enough to link it, link to the splash page! (And the fact that I'm yelling about this should cue you into how irritating it is for me, I don't even yell about Frankendolling)
Base terms
You're welcome to change just about anything on my base, however no matter how much you change it, you still need to credit me.
Don't upload modified bases to your site, send them here and I'd be glad to put them up.
Please don't claim my bases as your own. I work very hard on them, and it's not fair for you to get credit for my work.
A lot of my bases are based on photographs, it's entirely possible that my base can have the same pose as someone else's. All it means is that we used the same photo to start with. Some of my bases are based off pictures I've drawn myself. I do not have any bases based off the art of anyone else up at this time, so please don't accuse me of stealing someone else's work. (Besides I have the psd files to prove it.)
I enjoy seeing my bases used, if you happen to use a base of mine, feel free to send me a link to your site or doll so I can see.