Well Pink is on what's probably permenant hiatus. Mean evil Fia, the same person who brainwashed both Pink and I into dolling, brainwashed her into The Sims 2. We never stood a chance against the power of the evil game. I miss her though, she was a very talented doller.
Pink is one of the kindest, wisest, most wonderful people I know online, and I have been and am still honored to know her. One of these days when I write that best seller I'm going to go to Denmark and meet Pink in real life. I doubt that I would be half the doller and person I am today without having known her. She's not so much for encouraging you to be better-but to be happy with whatever you are, which in turn makes getting better happier. She asked me to be her sister at the perfect time too. I was so depressed and facing so many problems that it seemed overwhelming, then I got this in my inbox. She's very perceptive, that Pink.
She made faeries. *grins* An absolutely gorgeous set of faeries, just for me.
I have improved a lot since I made this gift, but there is still something about it... She had admired a little witch that I made for Loopy as a thank you. It had been my first doll in a couple of weeks, back when it was not uncommon for me to make a couple of dolls a day. (Now it takes me six hours usually per doll >_<') And so when I needed a reply, as my wings are nowhere near as good as hers are. I made us witches instead.

Please don't adopt these from here. Adopt them from her site.