Loopy's not really on hiatus. Her site hasn't been updated in like forever and a day, cause she can't do html and then Chris disappeared, (Chris being the one who updated Loopy's site.) I have hopes that Loopy will eventually get her site back.
Now, Loopy, like Chris, like Juleah, is someone I have surprisingly a lot in common with, though her background is not all that much like mine. We both have a very cynical way of looking at the world, and she knows a lot about what it's like to have someone you care for a lot hurt you beyond belief. It's nice not to be alone in that--but not so nice that she had to be hurt that way to understand it.
But it's not just the world view we have in common, we both love to read and read the same sorts of books. We also both love Harry Potter and have what are I'm sure unhealthy obsessions with the characters there in. *grin*
I have probably one of the most infamous inner softies in the world. She nefarious and melodramatic and out to take over the world, I'm pretty sure. We keep trying to keep her cage, but she never stays there.
Well I did as I threatened and redid our accept gifty. Still us in a hogwarts sort of theme, though dress robes rather than quidditch ones. I like the quote for us.

Please don't adopt these from here. Adopt them from her site.