Chris has to be one of the most fun people I know on the net. We're a lot alike, we're both snarky and sarcastic, we love black, artificial hair and much of the same type of music. We talk about some of the strangest stuff as I said at one point who else gets to have esoteric conversations at two in the morning and not even have to watch one's language. We cuss--a lot--but guess what? We don't care. She's finally updating her site again! Which so totally rocks!!
I think the most awesome thing about Chris is the way she's always encouraging me to be me, and not somebody else. She's never really let me lurk behind being a cliché which I always appreciate. And plus how can you not like someone who'll listen to you whine, a lot.
Chris made me a new gift! I totally love this, it's so awesome. That's one of my favorite colors of blue, and red and it's got black and the lyrics from an awesome song. *happy gushies*
Okay so it's not my original gift, I hate the other one. It's so cheap. And Chris is mean and won't let me redo this one. >_<' I ask you... what's the point in getting better if you can't do loot upgrades for your friends?

Don't adopt these from here, Go to Chris' site