Name: Alexander Wade
Age: 16
DOB: January 13th
Nickname: Alex
Alex is one of November Rain's main characters. Pretty much disgustingly normal and middle class, he has a car, a hot girlfriend, Katheryna, good grades and is a photographer for the yearbook at his high school. Sort of a daydreamer but tempered with some practicality. His world begins to turn upside down though when his best friend, Ty, breaks up with his girlfriend and his parents decide they're going to start doing foster care.
Name: Katheryna Carlson
Age: 15
DOB: November 11th
Nickname: Hates nicknames. (Sean has a few though)
Katheryna is Alex's girlfriend. She has an icy temper and is rather spoiled, her parents more likely to buy her things than actually pay attention to her, so she tends to surround herself with people who will pay attention to her. She's more than a bit calous and selfish.
Name: Ginger Klein
Age: 15
DOB: November 12th
Nickname: Ginny
Ginny is formerly the third muskteer of Sam and Katheryna, but recently her desire to be something other than Katheryna's shadow leads to friction and leaves Ginny desperate for a way out. This desperation has very wide spread ripples.
Name: Samantha Hall
Age: 16
DOB: September 9th
Nickname: Sam, Sammy
Sam is Katheryna's best friend, not the brightest bulb in the package her sweet nature alows her to put up with Katheryna and to forgive Sean, her boyfriend, for all the stupid things he does. She tends to defer to Katheryna, even when she probably should stand up to her.
Name: Sean Carlson
Age: 18
DOB: May 1st
Nickname: N/A
Sean is Katheryna's college age older brother, Sam's boyfriend and kind of an older brother figure to Alex. (Linda and Doug, Katheryna and Sean's parents are good friends of Alex's parents Amy and Rob.) He's fairly cool, but not altogether completely moral He cheats on Sam when she won't pony up for him, but manages to rationalize it.
Name: Nicole Montgomery
Age: 16
DOB: December 24th
Nickname: Nikki
Nikki lives in the opposite end of the spectrum from the safe, upper middle-class world of Alex and his friends. The middle child of three, her mother is an alcoholic waitress who has been married four times. Her elder half sister, Kiss, is a teenage mother, her younger brother, Rikki, is in juvenile hall for trying to beat a kid to death with a peice of plastic pipe and for attacking Nikki with a knife. Nikki's been in and out of foster care for six years now. She ends up being placed with the Wades because her step-father beat her up and threw her down the stairs, breaking her wrist.
Name: Tyler Savage
Age: 16
DOB: April 7th
Nickname: Ty
Ty is Alex's best friend since they were very young. Ty is more of a jock than Alex is, running track and doing football, but he's not the brain-dead sort of jock. He breaks with Ginny early in the story, then becoming a pawn in one of Katheryna's power trips. He has odd intensity at times, and doesn't always trust his instincts like he should.
Name: Ashley De Witte
Age: 16
DOB: July 4th
Nickname: Ash
Ashley is one of the twin De Witte sisters. The daughter of Reverend De Witte, who is Alex's family priest. She's a dancer by obsession, is one of the few people, other than Sean who will challenge Katheryna when she's on a trip. She's the much more outgoing twin and is dating Travis.
Name: Brittany De Witte
Age: 16
DOB: July 4th
Nickname: Brit
Brittany is Ashley's twin sister. She's a violinist by obsession and much quieter and restrained than Ashley is. Still she has a deep seated passion for making things right and she's a bit more stable in some ways than her twin is. It was Brittany getting together with Dustin that brought Travis and Ashley together.
Name: Dustin Burke
Age: 18
DOB: September 27th
Nickname: Hates Dusty!
Dustin is Brittany's boyfriend. One of those geeky sorts of guys that if he had a few less cool friends, he'd be resigned to A&V squad. But he's managed to get popular friends and is spared that fate. He's more likely to observe life than live it. But in spite of that he's fairly level headed and practical. He's best friends with Travis. (Their friendship was cemented back in third grade when they were the only two boys in their class to wear glasses.)
Name: Travis Vaughn
Age: 17
DOB: October 28th
Nickname: N/A
Travis is a bit of a rebel. His hobbies other than skateboarding include antagonizing Reverend De Witte and scandalizing his "baby" sister. Sometimes though he doesn't quite know when to stop pushing and he's much harder on himself than he lets on to most people. Interestingly enough, he resisted the first several times Brittany tried to set him up with Ashley, figuring that was just lame. He kicks himself for that now.
Name: Kirsten Montgomery
Age: 18
DOB: February 14th
Nickname: Kiss
Kiss is Nikki's older half sister. She has three children, Summer age 3, Stormy and Cloud age 18months. She's kind of scatterbrained, but usually pretty nice as older sisters go, not to say they can't fight. She's much shorter and curvier than Nikki is, she looks and acts very much like Nikki's mother, Misty.
Name: Duck Reilly
Age: 16
DOB: August 19th
Nickname: N/A
Duck, which yes is his given name, is one of Nikki's childhood friends. He's a bit of a goth and metal head, and usually out of it, but he's the most intelligent person that Nikki knows and that wide eyed stare doesn't miss anything. He's also a brilliant artist drawing a very realistic picture of Aragorn on Nikki's cast when she breaks her wrist
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