General Rules
1. The doll must be your own work. This means no frankendolling, no doll makers, etc.
2. Maximum size 300 x 300
3. Props and backgrounds are allowed, but should be kept to a minimum. They should NOT make up the entire focus of the doll.
4. Please send all entries in as a transparent .gif file. Small sized .pngs are allowed, if absolutely necessary. If you are unable to send the entry as a .gif, please send it as .bmp with a brightly colored background.
5. Animations are allowed, just don't make it a movie, ok?
Thanks, Chris for letting me steal your rules. *wink*
Prizes and Judging

There'll be the obligatory 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards, as well as my choice. The other awards, of which there'll probably be quite a few, will change depending on the contest and the entries.
1st Place and Choice awards will receive a custom doll if they'd like one.
Everyone will receive a participation award. (Which may or may not be customized, it'll depend on a lot of things.)
I'm not sure who will judge my contests yet, I'm still debating, but I am pretty sure I won't be having voting and public choice.